Kala Jagran: Kala Sangam’s Shivarathri celebrations

I am very taken by the name Kala Jagran. It was hard to keep awake that Saturday night, things were running late. But while managing a long list of events slotted one after another, something was bound to happen. The name Kala Jagran is very evocative, perhaps the best in the family of Kala names that Dr. Geetha Upadhyaya has supported. It sounds revolutionary and serene at the same time. Nandavana Dance performed some pieces in keeping with the spirit of this feeling.

Kala Jagran poster with logo

Many were first timers on stage and all seemed oblivious of the audience, none seemed nervous, which was interesting! It must have been the welcoming space or the ambience perhaps. The audience all sat on the floor, the lighting was ambient and soft. Everyone was in good spirits despite the late hour! Kala Sangam is a great space for such a community event, safe and spacious. The performers had the run of the whole floor, it was a great Saturday night atmosphere of a different kind, in the city centre at Bradford! Nobody would suspect a thing as they walked past St. Peters House, but once through the double doors, it was a bustling colourful place, dancers, artists, helpers, parents, family, friends, it was overwhelming. The aggregate jewellery would have rivalled that of Leicester’s golden mile! Not to mention the terabytes of classical sounds and visuals being embedded in silicon that evening. Food and drink was in short supply, pizza deliveries flowed in as the night wore on!

I would love to have been the resident writer for that evening, for there were so many dreams coming true that night! So many dramas and stories happening, waiting to be captured! Pity, I was busy getting dressed and prepping Nandavana Dance. But here are some stories we captured of Nandavana dance.

Pallavi and Neerada, students of Engineering and Management revive their classical dance dreams! And they are great students!
Playing air veena! Raji a tad nervous with all that ‘make-up’!
irrepressible Alexia, her pal Kashish and her pal Sanjitha
so many stories here!
She moves jewellery with her eyes!
Inseperable friends Shruthi and Krittikha share a seat!
Telling a secret! in synchrony! another attached pair – Nila and Drithi
Kashish wont let sound escape!
In a group huddle
It was 11 pm and dream world!
creating our own fairyland at St. Peter’s House!
all seen, but for Alexia! Himaani, Shruthi, Priyanka, Sanjitha (r) Krittikha, Drithi, Nila and Alexia (l) Kashish in the middle!
On stage
checking to see if all is ok!
Krittikha is line bending as Shruthi watches on admiringly!
Just a few left on stage
Chamu and Sanjitha
Looking at Dr. Upadhyaya, at the end of it all

Chamu Kuppuswamy


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Geetha says:

    what a delight to see the little ones as spirited and cheerful as the adults especially when it was well past midnight
    thanks to the stars of Nandavana and their dedicated teacher Chamu !

  2. ckuppuswamy says:

    Thanks Geetha akka, KS was very welcoming and my students liked it there! Some very enthusiastic replies to my feedback queries!

  3. Geetha Warrier says:

    Delighted to see and feels sad that i missed the whole thing. Thank you chamu for giving opportunity to see my darling neerada in that robe after a long time
    Geetha warrier

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