Are you a dancer or an actor?

A few instances this month has brought into focus a question that I have engaged with for some time now – Are you a dancer or an actor? This morning, a post on World Dance Day focused on this question through an interview with the Kudiyattam dancer Kapila Venu. Click here to read the interview….

Maya Mahal at Alchemy Festival 2016

This is a new choreographic work by Chamu Kuppuswamy in conjunction with Anna Kuppuswamy, mentored by Anusha Subramanyam and Vipul Sangoi. First shared on the 26th of May 2016 at the Alchemy Festival, Southbank centre, this new production is work is progress, incorporating a strong classical ethos and set to take the practice of classical…

Mahakavis (Sanskrit poets) on Flora!

Just superb! The imagery is so rich in this talk! The talk also so reminds me of Shumei Natural agriculture, where the relationship between the farmer and the farm is holistic – a living thing to a living thing. Naresh Keerthi, the speaker, says that Sanksrit poets are such observers of nature, and have used…

Dance imitating nature clip

Found this interesting ad which incorporated animal courtship dances as inspiration. Fiddler crabs, blue-footed Boobies, cranes, love birds, foxes and flamingo mating rituals are portrayed alongside dancers translations of these rituals!  

What is Classical? The UTKARSH Conversation

I found the UTKARSH interim sharing on the 24th of February 2016 at The Place in London very useful. I enjoyed sharing my work. It was fascinating to see the other work and how the brief was interpreted, and the discussions. It set me thinking, I’d like to share some of those thoughts here. In…