Are you a dancer or an actor?

A few instances this month has brought into focus a question that I have engaged with for some time now – Are you a dancer or an actor? This morning, a post on World Dance Day focused on this question through an interview with the Kudiyattam dancer Kapila Venu. Click here to read the interview….

Mami, miss you….

Kshetrayya was mami’s favourite poet. She wrote in Aspects of Abinaya ‘ The greatness of these [Kshetrayya] padams lies in evoking pleasure, while elevating the soul’. So here is a Kshetrayya remix from me to mami…… Kō͘di kūse nayyayyō, mami you were gone when the Rooster crowed Monday morning..cakkani mi Muvvagōpālasāmitō galasé, you were united…